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Full Frame. Excellence Redefined.

  • Approx. 36.4 megapixels
  • 35mm full-frame format CMOS sensor
  • 5 axis, 5 shutter step built-in SR mechanism
  • Pixels Shift Resolution
  • ISO 204800
  • Newly developed image engine, PRIME IV
  • Flexible Tilt Type LCD monitor
  • AA Filter Simulator
  • New AF system, SAFOX 12
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, ASTROTRACER
  • Dustproof, weather-resistant, -10℃ cold-resistant


Aprašymasskaityti plačiau

What’s the best camera for a photographer?

Throughout more than 50 years as a leading SLR camera manufacturer, PENTAX has always thought very seriously about this question, and developed the original technologies to provide good answers. It’s a history of never-ending innovation and evolution.

Based on its experiences and expertise accumulated over these years, PENTAX now has the final answer: a new 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera named PENTAX K-1. Proudly carrying the number “1” in its name, the K-1 reigns as the flagship of the acclaimed PENTAX K series.

While inheriting PENTAX’s traditional compact, durable body design, the K-1 adds essential values to the 35mm full-frame format, including state-of-the-art high-resolution technologies drawn from PENTAX’s development of medium-format models, an array of exclusive shooting features, and remarkable environmental adaptability in the field.

True to its number-1 naming, the PENTAX K-1 signifies the arrival of a new era in 35mm full-frame digital SLR cameras.

The K-1 assures the highest level of resolving power and sensitivity

35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor 

Approximately 36.4 effective megapixels

Exceptional imaging power assured by a large-format sensor

Exceptional resolving power supported by a high-resolution, AA-filter-free design

The K-1 incorporates a newly developed 35mm full-frame CMOS image sensor, one that assures the highest image quality to be found in the K-mount SLR series. Thanks to its large imaging area and wide pixel pitch, this high-pixel sensor delivers lively, true-to-life images with rich gradation and minimal noise. Its shallow depth of field allows you to control the sense of depth and bokeh (defocused) effect at will.

Thanks to its approximately 36.4 effective megapixels, the K-1 delivers breathtaking, true-to-life images—the kind that will seize the viewer’s imagination. Its exceptional resolving power captures each leaf of a distant tree or every drop of a spray in the finest detail. Since it provides image data large enough to produce a brilliant A2-size print (at 300dpi), the photographer is assured of great flexibility in image composition, either by cropping the image during shooting, or trimming the captured image during processing. By processing large volumes of data with its 14-bit image-processing system, the K-1 delivers beautiful, rich-gradation images.

AA-filter-free design, to optimize resolving power

An optical AA (anti-aliasing) filter will affect the camera’s image resolving power, even though it will help reduce moiré and false color. The K-1 incorporates an AA-filter-free design to optimize the image resolving power of its high-pixel image sensor.


ISO 204800

A new imaging engine optimized for a 35mm full-frame image circle

A combination of super-high sensitivity and exceptional image resolution

The K-1 features a newly designed PRIME IV imaging engine. Compared with the previous PRIME III version, it is fine-tuned to process higher-resolution images, while boosting the operating frequency by nearly 50 percent. Its noise-processing algorithm has also been upgraded to capture beautiful, fine-gradation images at higher sensitivities. A combination of an advanced scene analysis system and new image-processing functions helps improve the accuracy and reliability of image reproduction.

By taking full advantage of the image sensor excelled in noise-resistance performance and the PRIME IV imaging engine, the K-1 provides a top sensitivity of ISO 204800 (at standard output sensitivity). This not only delivers high-resolution images free of tone jumps and graininess at high-sensitivity settings, but also improves image quality in the low-sensitivity range. Since the K-1 allows you to raise the sensitivity level to capture images equal in image quality to those taken at lower sensitivities, it expands the boundaries of photographic expression.

Specifikacijos skaityti plačiau

Tipas - Fotoaparato tipas

TTL autofocus, auto-exposure SLR digital-still camera

Objektyvai - Jungtis

PENTAX KAF2 bayonet mount (AF coupler, lens information contacts, K-mount with power contacts)

Vaizdo jutiklis - Tipas

CMOS-Sensor, Primary color filter

AA Filter Simulator: Moiré reduction using SR unit. OFF/Type1/Type2/Bracket (3 images)

Vaizdo jutiklis - Efektyvūs vaizdo taškai

Approx. 36.40 megapixels

Body - Aukštis


Body - Plotis


Body - Gylis


Body - Svoris

Approx. 1010g (Including dedicated battery and 1x SD Memory Card), Approx. 925 (body only)

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