AF 360 FGZ - Apžvalga

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TTL flash with auto zoom, vertical tilt and high speed syncronization

  • Automatic zoom reflector to 24mm
  • 20mm wide-angle panel
  • Vertical tilt
  • Cableless operation with compatible cameras
  • With Catchlight Panel
  • High Speed Synchronisation
  • Contrast control with up to 4 fl ashes
  • Modelling and Test Flash functions, with 10 strobes/sec.
  • Second curtain synchronisation
  • Usable with older cameras

Aprašymasskaityti plačiau

Developed to optimise the capabilities of your camera. This TTL auto flash unit has a guide number of 36 (at ISO100/m) and offers such advanced features as high speed flash synchronisation, wireless remote control operation and trailing shutter-curtain synchronisation.

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