AF 160 FC - Apžvalga

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  • Shadow-free lighting of a subject
  • Ideal for demanding product shots and portrait photography
  • P-TTL, A-TTL compatible
  • GN 16 (ISO 100)
  • Flash correction: +0.5 / -0.5 / -1.0
  • 49, 52, and 58 mm adapter rings included
  • Modelling light
  • Adjustable lightning tubes in pairs

Aprašymasskaityti plačiau

Ring lightning is irreplaceable in many photographic situations. 4 lighting tubes grouped directly around the lens ensure even light without throwing a shadow. The left or right pair of lightning tubes can be switched on independently as required. The pair on the opposite side remains off or can be set to flash at half power when desired. A modelling light simplifies image composition. The most common application of ring lightning is macro photography. Other uses are portraiture and for documentation of dental and medical procedures. The AF-160 FC is compatible with all cameras in the PENTAX system.

Specifikacijos skaityti plačiau

Body - Aukštis Controller: 83mm
Flash unit: 113mm
Body - Plotis Controller: 68mm
Flash unit: 113mm
Body - Gylis Controller: 115
Flash unit: 29.5
Body - Svoris 405g (without batteries)
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